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  1. So our plan is to climb over the Hefin cathedral, jump to the clan tower, and generally perform as many ridiculous feats in the Hefin area as possible.
  2. But for now we're going to give you two more elf clans and these are the ones who were determined by you in a poll, they are the Hefin and the Meilyr.
  3. The Hefin are agility and prayer and the Meilyr are Dungeoneering and Herblore.
  4. I'll admit that when agility and prayer won the poll for the skill focus for the Hefin clan
  5. Lady Hefin will then call out poses that she wants you to perform, and - if you do it right - you'll start to generate XP.
  6. Part of the agility course, as I said, was the Hefin church.