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  1. Hendrina: Last summer, I bought some Ethereum.
  2. Hendrina: If I leave it on my bank account, it won't do anything at all. That's why I see it as an investment.
  3. Hendrina: I wasn't going to trade in it because I think it fuels certain greed in you.
  4. Hendrina: I recognize that, but that depends on how you deal with it.
  5. Hendrina: I would certainly welcome that. Especially because the power then no longer lies so centrally with banks or governments. This makes everyone a little more equal.
  6. Hendrina: There are many things you could think of.
  7. Hendrina: That's an exciting question. I think everyone should be accountable to God for themselves.
  8. Hendrina: I'm mainly interested in technology and enjoy following it. Making a profit crosses my mind sometimes.
  9. And this is his wife, Hendrina Eli Asser.