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  1. the entire operation and training was Lieutenant Albrecht Herzner. The political officer of
  2. before the official invasion of Poland. Lieutenant Hans-Albrecht Herzner and his 70 soldiers
  3. Hans-Albrecht Herzner was a German Abwehr agent and a lieutenant in the army, commanding
  4. Herzner and his unit invaded Poland. They fought their way towards the strategically
  5. So why did Herzner launch an invasion a week early? Well, it wasnt necessarily
  6. to stand down in time. But not Herzner. Stationed at Csaca in Slovakia, he never received the
  7. order because the unit was already on its way. During those initial evening hours, Herzner
  8. Meanwhile, Lieutenant Herzner was aware of the Jablunkov-tunnel strapped with dynamite.
  9. call from Herzner at around 10 AM. The Lieutenant declared he captured 40 Polish prisoners,
  10. informed Herzner they postponed the war. He should withdraw from Poland as soon as possible
  11. and release all prisoners. When Herzner asked what he should do, Reichelt simply said he
  12. Not too long after, a Polish locomotive crossed the Slovakian border. Aboard were Herzner
  13. In the aftermath, the German propaganda machine made Herzner out to be a rogue Lieutenant.
  14. And as for Hans-Albrecht Herzner, once the full-fledged war finally broke out, he was
  15. Barbarossas launch, Herzner was promoted to first lieutenant in the Ukrainian Nationalists