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  1. My mentor is Larry Hirshberg at Brown, and he's absolutely terrific.
  2. And Chairman, The Conversation Group, Peter Hirshberg.
  3. PETER HIRSHBERG: Hello Brad.
  4. PETER HIRSHBERG: As I've watched your company over the
  5. PETER HIRSHBERG: I think one of the reasons that this
  6. PETER HIRSHBERG: That video went by quickly.
  7. PETER HIRSHBERG: And there's another financial market type
  8. PETER HIRSHBERG: You know when people read information
  9. PETER HIRSHBERG: One of the other interesting things is
  10. PETER HIRSHBERG: Here's one of the examples that struck me.
  12. PETER HIRSHBERG: This says a lot about the difference
  13. PETER HIRSHBERG: The kind of benefits you see in letting
  14. PETER HIRSHBERG: In fact, let's show a clip of that video
  15. PETER HIRSHBERG: The winning video.
  16. PETER HIRSHBERG: What's staggering is the results.
  17. PETER HIRSHBERG: The reason large industrial organizations
  18. PETER HIRSHBERG: So like what kind of boundaries?
  19. PETER HIRSHBERG: When you mentioned that to me it struck
  20. PETER HIRSHBERG: Let's move in our remaining time-- we've