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  1. Toshiro is a talented weaponsmith who has been taken prisoner by the Hoshimoto clan
  2. The Hoshimoto, as described in this letter, appear to be a Japanese mob or gang who has
  3. Unlike the Shimada, the Hoshimoto are very oppressive to the people of Kanezaka, demanding
  4. the town's citizens and the Hoshimoto clan, but it seems that some sort of conflict may
  5. the new hero, as the Hoshimoto have evidently had a strong influence on her growing up.
  6. And especially with the omnipresent Hoshimoto creating an environment of hostility around
  7. That doesnt mean she runs with the Hoshimoto or is herself a member of their clan, but
  8. If we are to assume that the person attacking the Hoshimoto is the daughter, which certainly
  9. to hate the Hoshimoto, but given her circumstances, ultimately inherited much of their unruliness
  10. daughter rebel against the Hoshimoto.
  11. ambushes the greedy Hoshimoto clan, albeit vicariously through Asas daughter.
  12. against the Hoshimoto clan as opposed to just one person.