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  1. very tricky in the wet. Immediately after the Gerlach Corner follows the Hugenholtz Corner
  2. you make the next corner, Hugenholtz corner, a little wider for yourself.
  3. Also in this corner, like the Hugenholtz corner, I find it to be a little wide
  4. and the Hugenholtz Corner, to create a larger paddock for Formula 1.
  5. as much as it was. So the Gerlach Corner and the Hugenholtz Corner were spared.
  6. However, the old Hugenholtz Corner was moved a little inside and as a
  7. The Hugenholtzbocht, Hugenholtz Corner in English.
  8. Next comes the Hugonholtz Corner, named after the former circuit director John Hugenholtz,
  9. the Hugenholtz Corner has been changed for the return for Formula 1 to create a wider entrance
  10. Here you see a photo of the original Hugenholtz Corner taken during a track day in 1993.
  11. After the Hugenholtz Corner comes the most exciting part of the Zandvoort circuit.
  12. The track was designed by Dutchman John Hugenholtz, who also designed great circuits
  13. As I told, the track was designed by John Hugenholtz. He was also director from Zandvoort
  14. A new section was designed by Dutchman John Hugenholtz, who also designed other circuits such