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  1. we control the status of the oil, and we control it even deeper and deeper with our HYDAC HLB the HYDAC
  2. per day but it's monitoring okay the angel is monitoring and he's using HYDAC csi HYDAC hbot
  3. as HYDAC, well we definitely have 55 years of HYDAC experience in hydraulics and this type of things
  4. the HYDAC prediction, the HYDAC way of let's say a maintenance philosophy is playing a vital role
  5. then we talk about either expertise in fluid science we feel that HYDAC is let's say the expert
  6. and Im glad to say that HYDAC got component and system and subsystem they can take care of
  7. so let's talk about a little bit the fluid behind this oil and why HYDAC is an expertise well
  8. but again, it's nothing, it's nothing, sure and it's nothing scientific so at HYDAC we love predictive.
  9. lab so the HYDAC lab can monitor the electric custom and can monitor conductivity and can
  10. but in this unit we want to show our Flumos software, software developed by HYDAC that uh you
  11. or any 100 percent real-time conditioning and monitoring system designed by HYDAC is actually to