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  1. HyperLynx Connector is an extension for Altium Designer, helping to prepare a PCB design for signal integrity analysis with HyperLynx software.
  2. Press Setup Database to read data from the Altium Designer project. Next, press the Settings button to connect libraries with IBIS models and change RefDes mapping for correct component recognition by HyperLynx software.
  3. In the Net Rules tab, a user can set up the simulation constraints for individual nets or groups of nets. These rules will be used in SI batch analysis in HyperLynx.
  4. Configuring is completed. The design can be sent for further simulation in HyperLynx SI.
  5. After a moment, the board will be opened in HyperLynx.
  6. In this educating video, we will show how to run a basic Signal Integrity analysis for selected net using HyperLynx software
  7. Hyperlynx BoardSim intended for post-layout simulations and working with layout data, which cannot be edited, although minor modifications can be performed to check what-if scenarios.
  8. In this video, we will show an example of how to improve signal integrity for DDR4 net and run 'what-if' scenarios using HyperLynx LineSim tool.
  9. Hyperlynx LineSim tool allows checking any schematic or layout changes without a need for board modification.