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  1. Hello everyone! The MBUX Hyperscreen reinvents how we interact with the car.
  2. The all-new MBUX Hyperscreen with Zero Layer function.
  3. The Hyperscreen offers amazing functionality.
  4. In this Zero Layer of the Hyperscreen, MBUX also uses AI
  5. incorporated into the MBUX Hyperscreen. We call it the Co-Driver Display.
  6. The Hyperscreen is the natural progression of the MBUX,
  7. Allow me to introduce the Hyperscreen.
  8. The Hyperscreen does exactly that, making our vision a reality.
  9. This is the Mercedes-Benz Hyperscreen,
  10. What's interesting about the Hyperscreen
  11. You would think this 56 long Hyperscreen
  12. One of the technological advances. One of the others is the much discussed hyperscreen.