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  1. Labuan IBFC's industry report for 2019.
  2. And really the idea behind this conversation is to get a deeper feel about Labuan IBFC,
  3. We just launched the market report for Labuan IBFC for the year 2019 a couple of weeks ago.
  4. Still had been a positive year for Labuan IBFC particularly for the banking side and
  5. sectors in Labuan IBFC.
  6. There are a lot of other activities as well in Labuan IBFC for example the secretarial
  7. And that's natural because Labuan IBFC has always been focusing on the regional businesses.
  8. Yes, it's been a sustainable growth pattern for Labuan IBFC since then.
  9. Now it is IBFC.
  10. So actually, at the very beginning when we started, when the IBFC started there were
  11. In the case of Labuan of course, having a Labuan IBFC in Labuan, by itself, is already
  12. And Labuan IBFC by itself has, is also the largest employer in the island.
  13. But as far as Labuan IBFC is concerned, the key changes that have been implemented in,
  14. committee, that was formed in Labuan IBFC.
  15. can do, in terms of moving forward for Labuan IBFC.
  16. that Labuan IBFC is competitive because Labuan FSA is facilitative, you know, and I think
  17. What are your personal hopes and aspirations for Labuan IBFC moving forward and how have
  18. To me, that I can say is the success story of Labuan IBFC, and of course they provide
  19. For Labuan IBFC itself, of course like I say we've been around for 30 years.