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  1. These are Togariishi, Idojiri, and Umenoki.
  2. Next, we will look at the reconstructions at Idojiri.
  3. The major excavations at Idojiri took place in 1958.
  4. Unlike Togariishi, which embraced input from outside specialists, Idojiri has largely done things on its own.
  5. This is the slogan of the Idojiri Preservation Group, which from 1958 has conducted all excavations and site developments.
  6. In 2018, I met Kobayashi Kimiaki, the previous director of the Idojiri museum and the designer
  7. Anyway, the first-generation of pit dwelling was built in 1958 by the Idojiri Preservation Group.
  8. Rather, the Idojiri preservation group rebuilt it using local building practices.
  9. This willingness to freely take from folklore, mythology, and iconography is unique to the archaeologists at Idojiri,
  10. At Idojiri, the community based archaeology and their anti-authoritarian spirit may be understood