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  1. defines the factor of safety as ic by iexist. And we defined iexist in this slide. The iexist
  2. appreciate it... even though you have no idea that iexist. Maybe... i am weird -- oh my god, maybe i'm weird!
  3. here. So in the process this particular gradient which exits here is defined as iexist that
  4. -1 by one+ e divided by gamma dash by gamma w. So iexist which is nothing but delta h
  5. is occurring. So exist gradient is determined by using this particular definition iexist
  6. So having obtained iexist then we can calculate whether this particular structure is safe
  7. against piping failure or not. There are two three methods to calculate this iexist but
  8. one of the methods is to calculate by using the flow net. So iexist is the maximum hydraulic
  9. gradient at the exit. So which is nothing but factor of safety is equal to ic by iexist,
  10. the flow. According to Harr 1962 iexist is defined as 1 by pie times [H/D] where H is
  11. downstream head of H2, the difference in levels H1- H2 = H and that is given by iexist is
  12. construction we can obtain iexist and calculate by knowing critical hydraulic gradient and