How do you pronounce ifrahs in English (1 out of 16).

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  1. She knows and recognizes Ifrahs hands a lot,
  2. this is for your and Ifrahs betterment.
  3. This way your future will be better and Ifrahs motherhood will find peace.
  4. Obviously, Sana after being born came into Ifrahs arms,
  5. You just prepare for Jawad and Ifrahs.
  6. Jawad and Ifrahs engagement got broken and Ifrah herself agreed to marry Rashid.
  7. I think I wish we had not thought of Rashid and Ifrahs wedding.
  8. This has Ifrahs acceptance in it.
  9. Its possible that this was in Ifrahs fate.
  10. You were really upset about Jawad and Ifrahs engagement.
  11. the shopping should be done with Ifrahs will.
  12. Tell me something, aunt. Is Ifrahs father a really rich man?
  13. So now you want an affair with Ifrahs father.
  14. You know Nadra, I am seeing you are taking Ifrahs side a lot.
  15. Why have you taken over Sana and Ifrahs responsibility as soon as you came.
  16. You cannot go to Ifrahs home again and again, even that will seem bad.