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  1. 2006 this duet was broken up too Ihriel devoted herself to her own projects and producing work, and Ihsahn (as his art genius had developed enough) started to work independently in his self-titled project IHSAHN.
  2. The band released only two demos and one EP and went down because of changes in band members interests. And then Ihsahn and Samoth gave birth to a very strong title in black metal history they found EMPEROR.
  3. And there was an original line-up of EMPEROR: Ihsahn, Samoth, drummer Faust, bassist Tchort they worked on first Emperors album until their community is shaken with a line of chain offails.
  4. Thouse events passed Ihsahn by because all the time he was interested in a music but not in a culture side of black-metal. So Vegard continued working on the next albumagain with Samoth Tomas was allowed to make music even under arrest.
  5. The last album Prometheus: The Discipline of Fire and Demise was released in 2001 but even in 98 everything had been desided Ihsahn and Samoth is exhausted like a duet and its time to part their ways.
  6. Samoth and Trym founded a devastating death/black band ZYKLONE and Ihsahn with his wife started to work under the project PECCATUM.
  7. Ihsahn and Ihriel with PECCATUM released 3 albums, a couple of demos and opened their own label Mnemosyne Productions which is releasing their own albums.
  8. IHSAHN could be explained as a something middle between EMPEROR and PECCATUM its progressive extreme metal with various experiments, which quantity is decreasing from album to album.
  9. By now IHSAHN has released 5 very different albums there are grooving 8-string guitars, beautiful keyboards, electronic samples, chromatics and magic of mixing everybody should listen to this discography at least for a one time.
  10. I dont know why he decided to do that but hope that metal in the music wont go away. So, my only wish for Ihsahn: Keep up the great f*cking work! :)
  11. And all the EMPERORs activity is only a rejoins for a couple of showsso, its interesting for us that Ihsahn now play the keyboards in the band GOD OF ATHEISTS with Asgeir Mickelson, Trym Torson, ICS Vortex and other great musicians!
  12. Back in episode 30 we talked about Ihsahn, and I think this is a good moment to recall his solo career that might help us understand Leprouss evolution a bit better,