How do you pronounce ikhla in English (1 out of 12).

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  1. Musa was commanded: ikhla nalayk!
  2. it came to the Prophet Musa. ikhla nalayk (20:12)
  3. ikhla nalayk, strip off your human quality,
  4. ikhla' nalayk. Get rid of your human attributes, throw them out!
  5. ikhla nalayk - through what means did You speak this?
  6. Tawba, O my Lord. ikhla nalayk.
  7. ikhla nalayk! Who spoke this?
  8. ikhla nalayk. Who spoke this?
  9. ikhla nalayk. Like that?
  10. ikhla nalayk!
  11. Ya Musa, ikhla nalayk!
  12. Ya Musa, ikhla nalayk.