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How do you pronounce improving in English (1 out of 453).

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IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet) of improving

The International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) is an alphabetic system of phonetic notation based primarily on the Latin alphabet. With phonetic transcriptions, dictionarie tell you about the pronunciation of words, because the spelling of an English word does not tell you how you should pronounce it. Below is the phonetic transcription of improving:

Derived Form of improving

root word: improve
third person: improves
past: improved
past participle: improved
present participle: improving
comparitive: more improving
superlative: most improving
Verb: improve
to make better
  1. The editor improved the manuscript with his changes
Synonymsbetter, improve, amend, ameliorate, meliorate,
Hyponymsadvance, build, build up, condition, educate, emend, enhance, enrich, fancify, fructify, help, iron out, perfect, polish, purify, raise, reform, regenerate, relieve, repair, turn around, upgrade,
Type ofaltering, changing, modifying,
Typesadvancing, aiding, alleviating, assuaging, beautifying, building, building up, bushelling, conditioning, developing, distilling, doctoring, downing, educating, embellishing, emending, enhancing, enriching, fine-tuning, fixing, fructifying, furbishing up, helping, honing, ironing out, lifting, making pure, mending, palliating, perfecting, polishing, prettifying, purifying, putting right, raising, refining, reforming, regenerating, relieving, repairing, restoring, revitalizing, straightening out, sublimating, touching on, turning around, upgrading,
See alsoimprovement, improver,
get better
  1. The weather improved toward evening
Synonymsbetter, improve, ameliorate, meliorate,
Hyponymsfructify, get well, heal, mend, recuperate, reform, surge, turn around, upgrade,
Hypernymschange state,
Type ofchanging state, turning,
Typesbouncing back, convalescing, fructifying, getting over, getting well, healing, mending, picking up, recovering, recuperating, reforming, seeing the light, straightening out, surging, turning around, upgrading,
See alsoimprovement,
Adjective satellite
getting higher or more vigorous
  1. its an up market
  2. an improving economy
getting higher or more vigorous

improving on Youtube

  1. improving child health, and reducing health care costs - by improving access to rotavirus
  2. Despite what successes It: Chapter Two may have in improving on the old miniseries, reviews
  3. We've been tweaking and improving this piece of nature a long the way, in response to disasters
  4. That's why they're in really improving their Coral Cove is massive, even they could mean survivor
  6. improving the performance of their games and apps.
  7. those 160,000 kilometres, but even so improving batteries is obviously just a wise business
  8. to improving how we pay.
  9. improving overall health of the coat and skin :)
  10. AY! working conditions are unsafe. Will you please spend some gold on improving our ability to work?
  11. of manufacture starts improving and this first prototype is sent out on the road
  13. but improving a separate weapon type within the existing limits.
  14. However new research and techniques is continually improving our knowledge of comas and how to
  15. exfoliation and improving circulation, etc.
  16. improving those expectations.
  17. growing and improving their store.
  18. like sly dog I think it's improving I
  19. One thing you're working on improving about yourself
  20. and maybe doing a little bit of cleaning up and also improving the size of your storage system