How do you pronounce innopay in English (1 out of 7).

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  1. We asked our viewers for questions via our newsletter and Innopay.
  2. consultancy firm Innopay. Coen ter Wal, policy advisor FinTech at the Nederlandsche Bank
  3. others via Innopay and also via our own newsletter with the question: what does the future of banks look like?
  4. To my left, we have Maarten Bakker, consultancy for the firm Innopay. And Mark van Stiphout is joining us via a digital connection.
  5. partner at consultancy firm Innopay. And, last but not least, Bibi van den Berg,
  6. -Over at Innopay there is often talk of an Agreement Constellation yes, correct, its in large demand. 0:55:40.880,0:55:47.330 Could you not imagine creating something here that is not so easily
  7. Well, weve had a number of questions sent in from within our networks, from Innopay and