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  1. inRiver is supporting that strategy within our company.
  2. What we also did with implementing inRiver, is that we applied a segmentation in our catalog
  3. We choose inRiver because we believe at Wehkamp, that building good ecommerce platforms is
  4. future we can combine insights from PIM from inRiver with other insights that we have all
  5. inRiver is ahead of the market related to PIM functionality so it's fitting perfectly
  6. Besides the functionality, it's also about the partner supporting inRiver and the team
  7. behind inRiver.
  8. Our ecosystem is about agility, time-to-market and with inRiver we feel that we have the
  9. perspective inRiver fits perfect.
  10. What excites me most are the people behind the product and the people from inRiver.