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  1. -who tied your hand? -i'm fine Ishana. just run and call police as fast as possible
  2. oh Ishana, they have taken everything
  3. bravo Ishana. you're so good
  4. oh look at there Ishana! such a handsome gentleman!
  5. oh Ishana you saw that? he is in love with me, he gave me his card!
  6. think positive Ishana
  7. no Ishana. this time i'm really in love
  8. oh please Ishana, you also come along with me
  9. Ishana, so Rohan will come our home soon and start our home decoration work
  10. - hi Oorvi! so you got free finally -hey Ishana, oh you don't believe what just happened
  11. -hmm, really? - oh yes Ishana
  12. are you jealous Ishana?
  13. i dunno Ishana
  14. Hello Ishana. how are you?
  15. oh come on Ishana! we already had warned you about that boy, but you like to stay Blind
  16. hey where are you Ishana? has something happened to your fingers?
  17. look Ishana. come to this location that i send you right now
  18. i foud the love of my life Ishana. he is so handsome. i want to know what you think about him
  19. this is my friend, Ishana. and this is Sam.the man of my life
  20. excuse me Ishana but you were the one staring at him