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  1. that in a list which it returns. So I created a single iterator pass the same iterator to
  2. zip twice, and as you can see zip takes one element of each iterator consuming the iterator
  3. you can say up to so many items in this iterator and it'll return in iterator that starts consuming
  4. the original iterator until the slice ends. But you don't have to do that. The iterator
  5. to saying--roughly equivalent--a bidirectional iterator is a forward iterator with constant
  6. name I or an STL that might type name input iterator or, you know, random access iterator,
  7. and let us say we use R and start calling GetNext function on the iterator, R iterator.
  8. can say okay with biotin bio otherwise you can say unknown iterator and here
  9. It will return an iterator of SearchLaptopResponse object.
  10. It will return an iterator of SearchLaptopResponse objects.
  11. All we have to do is to run through that iterator.
  12. are indicated in the iterator field, until the 1000 is reached.
  13. are indicated in the iterator field, until the 11000 is reached. This is the sum
  14. For that, we can use an iterator
  15. It means make an iterator and loop,
  16. calling the next method of the iterator
  17. which gives you an iterator zip, izip.
  18. however ways to write reversible iterators if you want, you can just write your own iterator
  19. And iterators themselves are iterable, they are just-actually an iterator is required
  20. in its own __iter method to return itself or it wouldn't be an actual iterator. So in