How do you pronounce jaghut in English (1 out of 9).

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  1. have Jaghut powers? Like from what I could tell in the past the Jaghut's were kind of
  2. the crippled God, and how he's forming a house of chains. So we have this Jaghut, Hareld,
  3. because he gets to meet the seer who's creepy and has Jaghut powers. Why does everything
  4. killing this one Jaghut entity who was the seer? But like, also not letting the like
  5. and like, the secrets there and how one's a Jaghut. Like the whole complication there
  6. of the story in the prologue, we have these two Jaghut kids that this T'lan Imass takes to
  7. the warren that she thinks the jaghut Warren but it's not. It's like, I don't even know
  8. out and that one became the seer that was the Jaghut. And this whole thing was like
  9. like human thing and the fact that they there is this forgiveness and using the Jaghut's