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  1. jasonscottreval: You didn't check yandex?
  2. jasonscottreval: yandex's reverse image search is decent imo. At least the one time I tried.
  3. jasonscottreval: Stephen Wolfram seems to have spent a good amount of time on Wolphram | Alpha
  4. jasonscottreval: Now that I think of it, it should be called geohot archive lol. Orrr maybe not...
  5. jasonscottreval: nah dude
  6. jasonscottreval: only if you pay us
  7. jasonscottreval: looks pretty good man
  8. jasonscottreval: I'd aay we'd be speaking Japanese or German right now in that case.
  9. jasonscottreval: If you're testing their ability to learn, they'll practise their ability to meta-learn
  10. jasonscottreval: bruhh we can have this convo
  11. jasonscottreval: @TonsUhFun na I don't think that's literally what it is
  12. jasonscottreval: @chris_kindler every mathematician is not intelligent... I can say that with nearly the same validity.
  13. chris_kindler: @jasonscottreval can you elaborate
  14. jasonscottreval: stats are still less significant than causal truths
  15. jasonscottreval: relevance is not the sub-domain of short sighted human thought