How do you pronounce jawads in English (1 out of 11).

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  1. I cannot give anyone else Jawads place.
  2. Me and her are going to prepare for Jawads engagement.
  3. We have to go to Nadras home to fix Jawads wedding date.
  4. if you get married, then from my end, Urooj and Jawads proposal is over.
  5. What problem does she have with mine and Jawads proposal?
  6. but this is not good aunt, you know I need Jawads support.
  7. When Jawads mother doesnt agree, then what can I do?
  8. but seeing Jawads actions, my trust is ending.
  9. You focus on making your and Jawads relation strong, that is it.
  10. I can say with full faith that Ifrah is only Jawads sister in law, and nothing else.
  11. She is his sister in law, now, but she has been Jawads fiance in the past.