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  1. Jejoen Bontinck is a 20-year-old Isis defector. One of a reported 350 Belgian jihadi recruits.
  2. We followed Jejoen and his family in the run up to his trial.
  3. Jejoen was born in Nigeria but grew up in Belgium and was raised by his father Dimitri.
  4. At 16, Jejoen joined a Belgian extremist group called Shariah4Belgium, an alleged Isis recruiting
  5. Jejoen can be seen here in the groups online videos.
  6. In February 2013 Jejoen went to Syria to join rebels fighting against the Syrian army.
  7. Jejoen's time in Syria didn't go as planned. He was imprisoned by his fellow fighters,
  8. After seven months in detention, Jejoen's father Dimitri decided to travel to Syria
  9. Jejoen Bontinck is preparing for his final day in court. - Don't be scared.
  10. On 11 February 2015 Jejoen Bontinck was given a suspended sentence.