How do you pronounce jeondding in English (1 out of 20).

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  1. -Jeondding carried the team.
  2. UYU l Jeondding.
  3. Ahaha Jeondding.
  4. So, I predicted that Jeondding would play.
  5. Now, Jeondding!
  6. -Jeondding.
  7. Jeondding needs another choice.
  8. -Oh, nice. Jeondding is still alive.
  9. Jeondding blocked it. -And combo!
  10. Jeondding regained the pulse.
  11. -Jeondding's turn.
  12. So, Jeondding must calculate well.
  13. This is Jeondding's chance!
  14. Jeondding!
  15. That was nice, Jeondding.
  16. Jeondding is in trouble.
  17. Jeondding could win if he have guarded well.
  18. Jeondding.
  19. Team members must buy Jeondding a new graphic card.
  20. How did you feel about Jeondding's playing?