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  1. really. Part three was supposed to center around Jinpachiro Ben Hyuga, Yuri's dad,
  2. Another fun fact is that he knew Yuri's dad, Jinpachiro Hyuga, which, given that Karin
  3. her a photograph of Anne, Jinpachiro and Yuri years ago in Japan.
  4. Karin of course subconsciously wishes to be with Jinpachiro, everyone else just mostly
  5. Jinpachiro Hyuga and conceive Yuri.
  6. And no one from the Covenant game ever recognized her when she was first introduced by Jinpachiro
  7. had to babyface up Jinpachiro quite a bit to make it seem like Yuri looked a lot like
  8. their choosing and Karin, unwittingly, wishes to go back in time far enough to meet Jinpachiro
  9. His mother, Saki, is Jinpachiro's sister and as such she and Kurando both also have fusion