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  1. Jjingko's owner : He looks healthy now but
  2. Jjingko, the super senior doggo
  3. Oldest dog Jjingko's owner : Look at this photo
  4. In the year that we brought (Jjingko), it's a photo of my daughter holding him in her arms..
  5. Oldest dog Jjingko's owner : Phew.. I said he's 20 years old for real
  6. Oldest dog Jjingko's owner : Can you see the white part. The bottom of the belly..
  7. Jjingko's secret for longevity Investigation Discovery
  8. Oldest dog Jjingko's owner : Until the age of 18, even if we arrive home late at 10 p.m.
  9. Jjingko's secret for longevity 1. Exercise regularly
  10. Nan-i's owner : Jjingko's age is more than 100 in human years.
  11. Oldest dog Jjingko's owner : He used to eat dog food but
  12. Jjingko's secret for longevity 2. Eating a suitable amount of natural food
  13. Jjingko's secret for longevity 3. Drinking freshwater(ft. amount of drinking water)
  14. Oldest dog Jjingko's owner : One day, due to cataracts
  15. 2 years ago, Jjingko was blind in one eye
  16. It makes them realize Jjingko's age again..
  17. How about the old dog Jjingko's condition?
  18. Such things have led Jjingko to live long till now
  19. Jjingko and his family going out for a special event..
  20. Bucket list Taking family photos with Jjingko..