How do you pronounce jochems in English (1 out of 12).

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  1. Well I was at the vernissage of Jochems work about the late Dutch couturier Frank Govers
  2. Whats under Jochems bed?
  3. Jochems answer: I would eat a pitabread with shawarma and garlic sauce.
  4. Whats under Jochems bed? Pitabread with shawarma and garlic sauce.
  5. Thats the answer to Jochems question
  6. What is Jochems favorite thing to order from the Chinese?
  7. I took it from Jochems bag
  8. The enthusiastic scientist was Jochems main suspect
  9. Whats under Jochems bed?
  10. Diederik here, whats Jochems favorite food
  11. I'm Andrea Jochems, 35 years old.
  12. THOMAS: Question 1: What is under Jochems bed?