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Derived Form of journalist

plural: journalists
a writer for newspapers and magazines
Hyponymsbroadcast journalist, columnist, correspondent, gazetteer, photojournalist, scribe, sob sister, sports writer,
Type ofauthor, writer,
TypesAlexander Woollcott, Alfred Alistair Cooke, Alistair Cooke, broadcast journalist, columnist, Cooke, correspondent, Dorothy Dix, Edgar Albert Guest, Edgar Guest, editorialist, Elizabeth Cochrane Seaman, Elizabeth Merriwether Gilmer, Elizabeth Seaman, Gilmer, Greeley, Guest, H. L. Mencken, Henry Louis Mencken, Henry M. Stanley, Horace Greeley, I. F. Stone, Isidor Feinstein Stone, John Reed, John Rowlands, Joseph Lincoln Steffens, Lincoln Steffens, Lippmann, Mencken, Nellie Bly, newspaperman, newspaperwoman, newswriter, penman, photojournalist, pressman, Reed, scribbler, scribe, Seaman, Shirer, Sir Henry Morton Stanley, sob sister, sports writer, sportswriter, Stanley, Steffens, Stone, T. H. White, Theodore Harold White, Walter Lippmann, White, William Lawrence Shirer, Woollcott,
someone who keeps a diary or journal
Synonymsdiarist, diary keeper,
Type ofwriter,
TypesPepys, Samuel Pepys,

Derived Form of privilege

plural: privileges
third person: privileges
past: privileged
past participle: privileged
present participle: privileging
a special advantage or immunity or benefit not enjoyed by all
Type ofadvantage, vantage,
a right reserved exclusively by a particular person or group (especially a hereditary or official right)
  1. suffrage was the prerogative of white adult males
Synonymsprerogative, perquisite, exclusive right,
Hyponymseasement, privilege of the floor,
Type ofright,
Typeseasement, privilege of the floor,
(law) the right to refuse to divulge information obtained in a confidential relationship
Hyponymsattorney-client privilege, informer's privilege, journalist's privilege, marital communications privilege, physician-patient privilege, priest-penitent privilege,
Type ofright,
Typesattorney-client privilege, husband-wife privilege, informer's privilege, journalist's privilege, marital communications privilege, physician-patient privilege, priest-penitent privilege,
bestow a privilege upon
Synonymsfavor, favour,
Type ofallow, countenance, let, permit,

journalist's privilege on Youtube

  1. but this here is pitmaster's privilege.
  2. to exploit services, run exploits out to you know possibly how to do it's privilege, escalations,
  3. Yesterday, I was reading Charles Krauthammer the journalist's farewell letter to his colleagues
  4. Bochkov! You're responsible for the journalist's safety.
  5. Tawianese cake shop. As journalist S. Nathan Park notes, the number of fried chicken joints
  6. journalist, Mohamed Hassanein Heikal. He's an Egyptian journalist. He was adviser to
  7. country we do have privilege now how can we use our privilege for the betterment
  8. Universal privilege management from BeyondTrust gives you absolute control over every privilege in your environment.
  9. you do privilege. Escalations. That is one way to do privilege escalations in one operating
  10. Dont think that the privilege which was given to Mother Yaod If not exactly like that, everyone can have that privilege.
  11. It's my privilege to present this year's 2004 Taurus action movie star award to the man who embodies all these qualities
  12. Of course it's an honour. It's a privilege to be impersonated and
  13. Journalist: France's population seriously decreased due to the incident near the bridge of the old Renault factory... Jeremy B: Was that Xana's doing? Yusaku: No this one's from an asshole
  14. It's like seeing a faun. It's a privilege.
  15. Greg Palast. Greg's a investigative journalist. He's worked for the BBC. He's written for
  16. you were going to be a serious journalist, if not overserious journalist, where you paid
  17. Well, with my journalist colleague, Alina Matis, an investigative journalist from Romania,
  18. Yugoslavian journalist Branko Vukelic; Japanese journalist Miyagi Yotoku;
  19. \'91The Precariat: The New Dangerous Class\'92 and a journalist, a prominent British Journalist
  20. Music, acting, he's written over 25 books, he's an anti-racism campaigner, a journalist, he travels the world speaking