How do you pronounce jugani in English (1 out of 30).

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  1. Now please shower some grace on Jugani as well.
  2. Oh, but I will pay less than what Jugani gets
  3. because Jugani is the most expensive.
  4. Pannabai, keep Jugani safe.
  5. Jugani earns in one night equal to what you collect
  6. I don't say anything because Jugani likes you very much.
  7. What happened, Jugani?
  8. This is for Jugani's liveliness.
  9. Uncle Hari, he must have gone to serve tea to Jugani.
  10. and such hatred for a person like Jugani
  11. because now Jugani will not sleep with you for free.
  12. Jugani.
  13. I did not come to give tea. Actually I was looking for Jugani.
  14. Can you afford to buy Jugani? Well?
  15. I have not come to buy Jugani.
  16. about Jugani's well-being and not her rate.
  17. Jugani, don't feel dispirited.
  18. I want Jugani.
  19. In fact Jivan And Jugani's love was very different.
  20. There was a big struggle facing Jivan and Jugani.