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  1. and then entered formal arrangements with Kadolha. Because I mean this is where Kadolha works, so it
  2. So there's an organization whose initials is we call them Kadolha in short. It's really long but
  3. Kadolha, but this is what an indigenous Mutwa person would look like. Right,
  4. So enter Kadolha and this organization is working with vulnerable children, living hiv aids.
  5. after our training the staff of Kadolha came back and
  6. they could think about on their own. But Kadolha made it possible after the training we gave them.
  7. this. This is a picture of Amos the boss of, the head of Kadolha, treating jiggers in an elderly
  8. But with the training that we gave Kadolha, they understood that it's not about cash but it was
  9. they had no income. Kadolha staff also solicited food and this was 2000 kilograms of maize flour.
  10. things that the Kadolha staff decided they could do to help make the lives of the Batwa better.
  11. possible because the mindsets of the Kadolha staff were changed after they went through our training.
  12. So Kadolha was able to touch their lives in more ways than they'd ever planned in their offices,
  13. Now you'll ask me why I'm telling you about Kadolha and I'm telling you about the Batwa
  14. the food in kind, the support from the Kadolha is in kind. At no point in my story have I talked
  15. the team from Kadolha. Yes they did the five days but I mean, many people study and don't go back.