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  1. Today, we will be focusing on reconstruction of Sindhuli distrcit's Kamalamai Municipality.
  2. What is the state of house reconstruction in Kamalamai Municipality?
  3. This is Parsuram Thapas house which is located in Sindhulis Kamalamai Municipality, VDC No. 6.
  4. This is a sample house in Kamalamai Municipality, Ward no. 7 Gadauli.
  5. While discussing about the houses that are being built in Kamalamai municipality, the number of houses that are yet to be build are also plenty.
  6. The state of house reconstruction in Kamalamai municipality is mixed.
  7. We are talking about the state of reconstruction in Sindhulis Kamalamai Municipality.
  8. I dont know of other VDCs now but in my Kamalamai municipality,
  9. I am currently the head of Kamalamai municipality,
  10. Lets now talk about Kamalamai Municipality.
  11. Whats the state of reconstruction in Kamalamai?
  12. The reconstruction was put to a halt in Kamalamai because they werent allowed to build their houses till the roads were made public.
  13. After I became the Mayor, the board of Kamalamai municipality opened those roads and the reconstruction took its pace a little.
  14. How will you give reconstruction its pace in Kamalamai municipality?
  15. With the interview of Head of Kamalamai Municipality - Khadga Bahadur Khatri,
  16. First story is of Sindhuli, Kamalamai Municipality, Ward No. 10, Majhi's Pramila Majhi
  17. I am at Sindhuli district's Kamalamai Municipality, ward no. 7, Majhitar.
  18. Recently skilled human resource have been produced in Kamalamai Municipality, Marin Rural Municipality,
  19. This is Tika Jung Shrestha's house situated in Sindhuli, Kamalamai Municipality, Ward no.6.
  20. This project is being operated in Sindhuli's Kamalamai Municipality, Marin Rural Municipality,