How do you pronounce kanjobal in English (1 out of 9).

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  1. are Kanjobal, which is a Guatemalan dialect, and Spanish.
  2. His Spanish proficiency level is at a beginning level but his proficiency in Kanjobal is unknown
  3. the family uses a mixture of Kanjobal and Spanish and that they frequently code switch
  4. We're really unsure of his level of Spanish because he may be code mixing Kanjobal and
  5. There are no other students who speak that particular dialect of Kanjobal except his
  6. There are no district interpreters who speak Kanjobal.
  7. As I said, the parents' native language is Kanjobal and there are very few people in
  8. in their Kanjobal first language and in the broader community they interact with the Spanish-speaking
  9. Communication by the adults is a combination of Kanjobal and Spanish but the, the students,