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  1. We don't understand much about kaposin C yet, but kaposin B has been taken up by Craig McCormick in the lab
  2. So, kaposin B's interaction is an activating event, kaposin B activates MK2 kinase activity.
  3. and these include a gene down here called kaposin, that we'll have a great deal more to say about it.
  4. is called, we now call kaposin A, but two other proteins can be made.
  5. What we call kaposin B, which is the product of just translating DR2 and DR1,
  6. you can make something called kaposin C, which translates the repeats of DR2 and DR1
  7. We call that protein kaposin C.
  8. and Craig showed that kaposin B is an adapter molecule in signal transduction.
  9. So, it turns out that the interaction between kaposin B and MK2 is direct.
  10. If we make purified kaposin B in E. coli and purified MK2 and mix them together,
  11. in this case the kaposin B is fused to GST, and in this GST pull-down format,
  12. we see very efficient pull-down of MK2 by the GST kaposin B protein
  13. where it can associate with the protein of interest for us, which is MK2, the target of kaposin B.
  14. And an early clue that the phosphorylation of MK, that the interaction of kaposin and MK2 was real
  15. If you look at cells that are transfected with kaposin B, and just ask where it resides in the ground state,
  16. that is not present in the ground state. Well, when you co-express kaposin B,
  17. And in fact, even more interesting, because when you examine the sequence of kaposin B,
  18. Now, how does kaposin B affect MK2's kinase activity?
  19. but when we do an immune complex kinase assay, that is to say we transfect cells with kaposin B,
  20. in this case, HSP27, we can see that cells that are expressing kaposin B have enhanced MK2 kinase activity