How do you pronounce karkade in English (1 out of 7).

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  1. I spread a little karkade tea on the foil, put the egg on top, put more karkade
  2. and the dye will be karkade tea, the list of necessary components and materials you see on the screen, and we will also write it under the video in the description, and now we will start cooking
  3. another 2 eggs will be colored simply - in the usual tea karkade and 2 eggs then additionally show you how to make another drawing
  4. and these I have already shown, which we painted in foil, adding here karkade tea
  5. these are just some ways to color tea karkade, in a similar way you can do other applications
  6. They draw henna and pour in karkade - how a restaurant
  7. and they will pour you karkade and feed you.