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  1. 15 surprising facts you probably didnt know about Kawahi Leonard.
  2. So starting off our list at number 15, Kawahi isnt on social media.
  3. A segment with fellow teammate Serg Ibaka, Kawahi was asked if at the very least he had
  4. When asked, Kawahi shut it down, and even though Serg questioned his answer, he firmly
  5. Coming in at number 14, Kawahi actually didnt play basketball in his freshman year in high
  6. Kawahi was transferred there for his Junior year.
  7. Originally Kawahi attended Moreno Valleys Canyon Springs High and wasnt on the basketball
  8. Kawahi would go on to play a basketball game the next evening and manage to put up 17 points
  9. Kawahi was quoted saying Basketball is my life, and I wanted to go out there and take
  10. Kawahi wasnt offered a scholarship from any of the bigger schools such as UCLA, USC,
  11. Kawahi did receive an offer from San Diego State which is where he would eventually end
  12. Kawahi knew if he waited it out he probably wouldve gotten scholarships to bigger schools
  13. But I wanted to go with who loved me first., but Kawahi is a man of loyalty.
  14. Kawahi also joins rare company as one of three players to win both NBA defensive player of
  15. safe to say Kawahi is a future hall of famer.
  16. Well during the NBA finals, which the Raptors won in 5 games, Kawahi Leonard filed a law
  17. with the San Antonio Spurs back in 2016, Kawahi, who was also a happy sponsor of Wingstop,
  18. Number 6, Kawahi makes history again.
  19. the Toronto Raptors, tied a 90 a piece, Kawahi threw up a shot with hopes it would help his
  20. Many dont know this, but Kawahi is actually a father.