How do you pronounce keksi in English (1 out of 8).

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  1. which does sound a lot like a drag act, dragee keksi live on stage, keksi, keks, sexy keksi,
  2. ja keksi vaihtoehtoisia liikkeit.
  3. is awesome, you better take them away, I will! Right so next up by Napoli is dragee keksi,
  4. say it, never say it, my body is telling me about these, dragee keksi ok so shall
  5. some dragee keksi, that is a bit tight of them right, so they are reminding you of those
  6. tastes like cadburys which is sensational and I just think that the name dragee keksi
  7. just takes it up a notch I do not want animals, I want some dragee keksi baby. Give me the
  8. dragee keksi and nobody gets hurt, sorry John, that is ok.