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  1. Kelzad got Cheshyre to make an agreement to make music for his REALM series
  2. this started a gigantic drama in which Djjaner and Kelzad went back-and-forth with extremely idiotic attacks and back-biting.
  3. where both Djjaner and Kelzad would kill each other in every clip,
  4. This caused Kelzad to throw a temper-tantrum, screeching at Gibb50 and Amethy who were trying to calm him down
  5. Kelzad crafted a response and posted it to Twitter.
  6. Kelzad also states that the spreading of the video was more harmful than anything he had said.
  7. and nearly all madness content creators had severed ties with Kelzad.
  8. Whenever asked, Kelzad used to claim that he had the idea for the whole REALM series before even animating madness.
  9. Cethic would pass the files onto Kelzad who would boast about owning them in private to some people.
  10. Around 2 months before the movie's release, Kelzad would show the files off on his stream,
  11. [Kelzad]: Hey guys, do you wanna see uh...
  12. started getting into more and more controversy, people began comparing him to Kelzad.
  13. Kelzad got Luca to dox somebody for him around this time, its theorized it could be someone from Olderchat or MadCzech
  14. They were mostly encountered by Amethy herself, Kelzad and Zmatrix.
  15. and Kelzad blamed these people for an orchestrated attack or raid in the art channel
  16. It was found out later that Kelzad convinced Alpha Nuva to drop support for the project, using his previous [experience] working with Alpha
  17. including Kelzad, Gibb50, etc.