How do you pronounce kilrog in English (1 out of 6).

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  1. going on and we find out that members of the bleeding hollow clan have been send by kilrog
  2. It looks like Ariok succeeded in finding Kilrog, but he was unable to kill him. Theyve placed
  3. his story in Lords of War, Kilrog was shown that he was supposed to kill his father and
  4. Sure you could say that hes only seen glimpses, but you have to wonder if Kilrog always knew
  5. no choice though, the Alliance was right behind them, so Kilrog found his courage and the
  6. This is probably why Kilrog was so scared to go to Auchindoun. He'd probably seen in a vision his moment of demise, this was probably inside Auchindoun which could be the reason why he didn't want to go there.