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  1. need to make sure your kintone account has kintone system administrator's privilege and then you need
  2. what is kintone plugin well kintone plugin is a packaged program you can have multiple javascript
  3. i'll click on this gear icon here
  4. and this is another api method that kintone offers the kintone.getlogginguser.code
  5. hi welcome to kintone technical training my name is leo and today i would like to
  6. talk about one of my favorite topics which is building a plugin in kintone let's get started
  7. this material was created using the april 2021 version of kintone
  8. prerequisites that you need to have first of all you need to have a kintone account and you
  9. okay let's talk about today's agenda first of all i'll talk about what's is um what's kintone plugin
  10. kintone plugin is created using the libraries that we will be introduced and then last but
  11. this plugin into kintone app and you can do the settings without having to do the codings again
  12. the development of kintone plugin easier it is a cli tool that allows you to create templates
  13. as a user you just have to type the command create-kintone-plugin and answer some of
  14. with along with create-plugin is for example the eslint now with kintone there is a specific
  15. for kintone development so you can definitely use those this tool when you're developing plugins
  16. kintone plug-in using create-plugin library now the procedure here is pretty easy first of all
  17. have a node.js you need to have a kintone account your account needs to have administrative access
  18. it to kintone step domain and then you're going to come back to the third step test your code
  19. plugin you can then create a template using the command create-kintone-plugin
  20. your forms your your html elements that looks like kintone and then there's a config.css