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  1. kirigan cosplay so without further ado let's get crafting
  2. and that's it currently for kirigan's ring i tried putting on the filigree but anything i
  3. Then you have General Kirigan, commander of the Second Army,
  4. - Hi, I'm Ben Barnes and I played General Kirigan.
  5. Alaina, Kaz, Inej, General Kirigan, Jesper, or Mal?
  6. - I think Ben's got the kind of charm that Kirigan has,
  7. by the name General Kirigan, leads Ravka's Second Army which is made up entirely of Grisha.
  8. Kirigan takes a special interest in her.
  9. Kirigan claims he wants to use her to help destroy the Fold and free Ravka from its curse.
  10. At the palace, Alina ends up becoming romantically interested in Kirigan until his mother Baghra
  11. Kirigan and his Grisha, however, interrupt this moment and he kills the poor creature
  12. Kirigan then has David perform a bonding ritual that fuses the stag's antlers onto Alina's
  13. body while tethering her to Kirigan giving him control over her powers and the ability
  14. With Alina under his control, Kirigan puts into motion the final step of his plan and
  15. Alina then asks Kirigan to use her to destroy the fold as he once said he would.
  16. As the darkness and volcra consume the city, Kirigan rids himself of General Zlatan, the
  17. With this gruesome display of power, Kirigan demands the foreign ambassadors on the skiff
  18. Mal and the Crows intervene, with Inej almost killing Kirigan as she shoots a knife into
  19. uses it to stab Kirigan through the hand, which slices off the wedge of skin melded
  20. Kirigan can't understand how Alina now has control over the amplifier because he killed