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The International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) is an alphabetic system of phonetic notation based primarily on the Latin alphabet. With phonetic transcriptions, dictionarie tell you about the pronunciation of words, because the spelling of an English word does not tell you how you should pronounce it. Below is the phonetic transcription of kiyosu:

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  1. they advised holing up in Kiyosu castle or even surrendering to Imagawa forces.
  2. He gave a rousing speech and departed Kiyosu castle with all who were willing to join him.
  3. R: Today we're back at Kiyosu Castle.
  4. The Kiyosu Castle man.
  5. R: The Kiyosu Castle man?
  6. R: I hope you enjoyed this little trip to see the cherry blossoms here at Kiyosu Castle!
  7. Hiyoko: I serve Kiyosu's Oda Kazusanosuke-sama now. The dream I mentioned before... to become a samurai, gain merit and support my mom and everyone else, I got one step closer towards it!
  8. Koroko: I've heard rumors of Kiyosu lord Oda trying to build a castle in the land of Sunomata.
  9. There's no problem, as long as they don't know our goals, but I'd want to avoid moving next to Kiyosu as much as possible.
  10. We bid farewell to Hiyo's childhood friend, Hachisuka Koroku Koroko Masakatsu, also known as Koro-chan, and went back to Kiyosu.
  11. Girl: So, this place. Owari Kiyosu ruled by Oda, a castle town in it. And this room is a private room of my mansion.
  12. Kensuke: Owari Kiyosu?
  13. Girl: That's right. A week ago, Imogawa Jibunodayu invaded this Owari Kiyosu that I govern in.
  14. Kensuke: Owari Kiyosu... Owari should be somewhere around Nagoya, no? I've heard there's plenty of plains and should be rivers, so I can forage.
  15. Woman: Yes! Everyone, stop the pursuit! Let's return to Kiyosu at once!
  16. Woman: Troops, retreat! We're heading back to Kiyosu! Hurry! #Niwa Nagahide/Mugiho. She loses against the protag... twice.#
  17. Kuon: Fufufu. You bet it is. Kiyosu castle is quite a famous castle even among other ones.
  18. After more or less figuring out the layout of my home, we went back towards Kiyosu town agan.
  19. Shino: At Kiyosu, I can sleep, I don't need to be afraid of blades possibly aimed at me...
  20. Hiyoko: Takenaka-san, did you get used to Kiyosu yet? #They really like her name#