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  1. Vladimir Kolbin is the son of Peter Kolbin, the very childhood friend of Putin,
  2. And then it was found out. All this time there was a secret shareholder in Gunvor, Pyotr Kolbin.
  3. Until 2016, when journalists discovered that Pyotr Kolbin was Putin's childhood crony,
  4. And it became obvious that Kolbin was the holder of Putin's share all this time.
  5. This benefactor, and concurrently the only owner of AO Divnomorye was 42-year-old Vladimir Kolbin.
  6. In 2018, Kolbin Sr. died, but it is obvious that his position
  7. We have already established that AO Divnomorye belongs to Kolbin.
  8. This is a special fund owned by the same Kolbin and our old friend Gennady Timchenko.
  9. This is the report of Kolbin and Timchenkos Development of Agrarian Initiatives.
  10. Timchenko and Kolbin have another such fund that finances the same projects -
  11. received over 8 million rubles from Vladimir Kolbin,
  12. the son of a childhood friend of Vladimir Putin, Peter Kolbin.
  13. There are companies owned by two billionaires - Timchenko and Kolbin,