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  1. Koobface covers the otherwise safe download button
  2. modified by Koobface.
  3. Koobface is doing something similar,
  4. Koobface instantly shot his browser
  5. sends HTTP GET to Koobface,
  6. and at this point, Koobface's command and control center
  7. - [Narrator] In the beginning, Koobface uses a small portion
  8. But Koobface has found a clever work around.
  9. Koobface deploys this scheme a number of times.
  10. matches observed data by Koobface.
  11. which ushers in Koobface's peak
  12. The unraveling of Koobface is delivered
  13. This is a daily backup of the Koobface
  14. the Koobface command and control centers simply go offline.
  15. Koobface's original command and control center