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  1. Robert Korstad: Right. So in 2013 the Supreme Court ruled in Shelby vs
  2. Robert Korstad: Formula for which the preclearance was determined was unconstitutional
  3. Robert Korstad: The, the statistics and the way they were
  4. Robert Korstad: election law revision that they are very easily past it.
  5. Robert Korstad: Overturned reforms that had been in the making for
  6. Robert Korstad: So they were North Carolina was really ahead of the gun on all this.
  7. Robert Korstad: In the courts and opened my the Fourth Circuit rule that it was all
  8. Robert Korstad: In the, in the specifics of it and that you know it was it was unconstitutional. So
  9. Robert Korstad: Shelby versus holding it hasn't had that much impact part of the because the
  10. Robert Korstad: I think one right. I think one. One thing that is
  11. Robert Korstad: Tends to tend to be more likely to be citizens
  12. Robert Korstad: real challenges for the Democrats is to how to how to get those young people
  13. Robert Korstad: Where you, you know, went into the schools, people
  14. Robert Korstad: And that population in the early part of the decade was
  15. Robert Korstad: whose parents weren't systems, but they were citizens and,
  16. Robert Korstad: I think the Democrats are going to have to pursue
  17. Robert Korstad: These voters with with particular public policies, you know, whether it's around
  18. Robert Korstad: raising the minimum wage. I mean, I think that you appeal to voters at that level.
  19. Robert Korstad: Through the particular policies that you're that you're advocating and to the
  20. Robert Korstad: Yeah, I mean, you know, voter intimidation, particularly at