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  1. The colourfully flowered kraplap is held together by a strand that is attached to middle of the kraplap,
  2. With everything in place, what follows is the kraplap, a piece of clothing that has come to be the most iconic showpiece of Spakenburgs regional dress.
  3. It consists of extra spacious pattern pieces that follow the silhouette of the kraplap.
  4. Its essentially not at all odd that Im drawing such a comparison right off the bat, while the purpose of a kraplap
  5. When one finds herself in the jaren-rouw the kraplap is at its darkest purple,
  6. One wears this kraplap up to ten years after the death of a beloved one:
  7. Up to what extent youre grieving, and the respective colour of the kraplap shows
  8. To start experimenting with my very own kraplap.
  9. and so we envisage painting onto a modern-day kraplap,
  10. What will be the meaning of your kraplap?
  11. Very melancholy, quite the romantic little kraplap.
  12. Given my own sewing experience, cooking up a kraplap turned out not to be too hard,
  13. The starching of the kraplap is done by rubbing starch into the fabric,
  14. What we more or less ended up with, Ill say, is that making a kraplap from scratch is not at easy as it seems.
  15. Should you want to buy a ready-made kraplap,
  16. Over the milde one wears a kraplap of which the armholes are ruffled in and lined with cordon.
  17. The kraplap closes at the shoulder with hooks and eyes, and on the sides with a ribbon that is attached underneath the milde.
  18. On top of this undershirt goes a cotton 'kraplap' with a colourful floral motif,
  19. or a kraplap of black satin decorated with Staphorster dotting.
  20. She closes the kraplap on her left shoulder with hooks and eyes, and on the side by taking two bands through two loops and tying it center front.