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  1. For an international oil exporting company from the Middle East, KROHNE has manufactured 20 extreme large-size
  2. combination with the advanced KROHNE PipePatrol leak and localization system.
  3. KROHNE has engineered the flowmeters based on the seven paths custody transfer ALTOSONIC 5
  4. ultrasonic flowmeter with integrated full pipe detection. All flowmeters have been manufactured at the production factory of KROHNE.
  5. Secondly, a water calibration took place at KROHNE facility for a maximum flow rate of 15,000 m/h.
  6. KROHNE has proven to be the first manufacturer capable of producing large sized
  7. To reach the high quality standards of KROHNE, after the calibrations
  8. By successful finalizing of this project, KROHNE again has proven to be a reliable manufacturer