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  1. or KSHV.
  2. And KSHV is the etiologic agent
  3. KSHV also remains a very common cause of cancer
  4. that in KSHV is called SOX.
  5. initiated by a viral endonuclease like KSHV SOX,
  6. Chris Boshoff, Mike Lagunoff, Michael Detmar, that when KSHV infects vascular endothelial cells in culture,
  7. Now, when the KS genome, KSHV genome was completely sequenced, as it was by 1996,
  8. Once it became clear that the normal reservoir of KSHV is in fact the B-cell,
  9. began to look for the presence of KSHV in lymphoproliferative disease.
  10. is KSHV related.
  11. unlike KS cells. The other lesion that was found to be linked to KSHV
  12. who discovered that AIDS related multicentric Castleman's disease is very tightly linked to KSHV.
  13. These lesions have KSHV DNA in them.
  14. So, again, a rare disease, but these two diseases are B-cell diseases linked to KSHV.
  15. but just to point out that they are further support for the idea that the principle reservoir of KSHV is in the B-cell
  16. were central to advancing the virology of KSHV.
  17. we showed that these cells lines, which retained KSHV DNA,
  18. So, the B-cell lymphoma lines are latently infected, they have cryptic infection of KSHV,
  19. but I wanted to emphasize why we were interested in making a serologic test for KSHV.
  20. Because remember, at the time, the question was, was KSHV really the agent predicted by the epidemiologists?