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  1. at how streaming joins work in ksqlDB.
  2. KsqlDB helps you join streams-to-streams,
  3. but how does ksqlDB choose which row to pull in next?
  4. That effectively makes ksqlDB load a batch of data
  5. and table-table joins in ksqlDB.
  6. the Confluent Schema Registry, Kafka Streams, ksqlDB,
  7. Registry Streams, ksqlDB
  8. here to tell you about ksqlDB.
  9. This is where ksqlDB comes in.
  10. Now, we describe ksqlDB
  11. I deploy the ksqlDB process to a server
  12. of these ksqlDB servers
  13. to be able to actually talk to the ksqlDB server,
  14. Here's some example ksqlDB code
  15. This is not a complete ksqlDB tutorial,
  16. and ksqlDB would provide query access
  17. I could send that query to the ksqlDB server
  18. to external data sources from within the ksqlDB interface,
  19. inside the ksqlDB cluster,
  20. I can tell ksqlDB to go use that one,