How do you pronounce kuntidevi in English (1 out of 8).

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  1. of these mahatmas, and Queen Kuntidevi was the mother. The lessons of the
  2. from water. Srimati Kuntidevi, therefore, felt such separation like a
  3. devotee' s position. Kuntidevi says, yesam na canyad bha vatah padambujat:
  4. Now Kuntidevi says, My dear Krsna, if You think that we are well
  5. Now, although Krsna had come to Kuntidevi to take the dust of the feet of
  6. His superior, His aunt, Kuntidevi addresses Him as Prabhu, the Lord, not
  7. becomes intimate. Therefore Kuntidevi says to Krsna, How can You leave
  8. Kuntidevi knows this, and therefore although she is the mother of the great